In my work, I create a balance between the structural and the gestural; the ordered and the entropic; the construct and the construction. 

Each work is a visual representation of my tendency towards order and a wry admission that when left unchecked, that orderliness becomes stagnant. 

When my sense of order cedes to and coalesces with the irregularities of process, the result is work that satisfies both the pragmatic need for stability and the irrational thrill of instability.

2013 MFA Painting, Hoffberger School of Painting, Maryland Institute College of Art
2010 BFA Digital Arts, The College of New Jersey

Solo Exhibitions:
2012 SMALL WORKS, John Fonda Gallery, Baltimore, MD
2010 AUTONOMY, The College of New Jersey Art Gallery, Ewing, NJ

Group Exhibitions:
2016 BLACK AND WHITE, The Philadelphia Sculpture Gym, Philadelphia, PA
2013 BEYOND THE THRESHOLD, S Artspace Gallery, New York, NY
2013 SMORGASBORD, Gallery CA, Baltimore, MD – Juried by Paddy Johnson
2013 STORYBOOK POEM – A MOUNTAIN OF TOAD SPLENDOR, T. Rowe Price Gallery, Baltimore, MD
2012 ART IN EMBASSIES, American Embassy, Managua, Nicaragua
2012 EDGE, T. Rowe Price Gallery, Baltimore, MD
2012 ON LOAN , Area 405, Baltimore, MD – Juried by Sarah Tanguy
2012 FIRST YEAR GROUP SHOW, North Ave Arts Space, Baltimore, MD
2010 THE HEALING POWER OF ART, Guild of Creative Art, Shrewsbury, NJ
2010 SHIFT: BFA THESIS EXHIBITION, The College of New Jersey Art Gallery, Ewing, NJ
2010 PAINT, The College of New Jersey Art Gallery, Ewing, NJ

Awards and Honors:
2014 Fleisher Art Memorial Wind Challenge Exhibitions Series, Finalist, Philadelphia, PA
2014 Visiting Curator Exhibition, CFEVA, Finalist, Philadelphia, PA
2013 Edward F. Albee Foundation Summer Fellow, Montauk, NY
2013 Henry Walters Traveling Fellowship, Finalist, Baltimore, MD
2013 Bethesda Painting Award, Semi-Finalist, Bethesda, MD
2011 Hoffberger School of Painting Scholarship
2010 Thomas George Artist Fund Award
2010 Departmental Purchase Award - Student Art Exhibition
2009 Featured in College of New Jersey Art Department Open House
2008 Faculty Merit Award – Student Art Exhibition
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